Office Chair

Office Chair


F1-High Back Chair.jpgF1-Medium Back Chair.jpg


F2-High Back Chair.jpgF2-Medium Back Chair.jpg


Rico 2 - High Back.jpgRico 2 - Medium Back.jpg

Vio 3

Vio 3 - High Back Chair Type 2.jpgVio 3 - High Back Chair.jpgVio 3 - Low Back Chair.jpgVio 3 - Medium Back Chair.jpgVio 3 - Visitor Chair.jpg


Vito - High Back.jpgVito - Low Back.jpgVito - Medium Back.jpgVito - Visitor.jpg


Wono - High Back Chair.jpgWono - Low Back Chair.jpgWono - Medium Back Chair.jpgWono - Visitor Chair.jpg

Zense Resources Sdn Bhd was established in September 2002, and what began as an office furniture design and manufacturing company has made dynamic progress to become a leading commercial furniture, interior design and renovation company.